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I am one of the Best SEO Experts in Bangladesh, with three years of experience. I have already completed many client project. As an SEO specialist, I ensure that I will help your website top rank and increase traffic daily, according to Google’s latest update.

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Md Fahim Tajwar is a professional Digital Marketer and SEO expert. I have many records of success with Local and International clients. I also have experience in Social media Management, which helps you to rank websites. Moreover, I will be capable of a client’s website to drive traffic and sales.

My specialty:

SEO Services

Obtain the best SEO services in Bangladesh from one of the SEO specialists. We guarantee a white-hat SEO service backed by advanced SEO strategies.

Local SEO

Local SEO in Bangladesh can be challenging when searching for the best local SEO specialist. Md Fahim Tajwar could serve as your trusted SEO expert for elevating the visibility of your local business.

Shopify SEO

Find a Shopify SEO expert to optimize your Shopify website, with Fahim being the top choice for Shopify SEO in Bangladesh. Boost product rankings and increase sales with the best SEO service.

E-Commerce SEO

In search of the finest E-Commerce SEO specialist? Fahim offers a free website audit and expert SEO services, just a click away.

Speed Optimization

Fast website loading is crucial for achieving top Google rankings. Obtain page speed and website speed optimization services from a trusted SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Backlinks Service

Access top-notch outreach backlinks and niche-specific high DA backlinks to fuel your growth.

Guest Posting

I offer the best quality guest posting Backlinks Service through advanced link building. I guarantee you'll receive top-notch backlinks from me.

Link Building Service

Acquire high-quality backlinks to outperform your competitors, and I can also perform competitor backlink analysis for you.

SEO Service Strategy in BD

My Workflow: How I Serve My Clients & Why You Should Choose Me

Strategy for SEO Success:

SEO success is 80% strategy. I follow a 3/6-month plan for massive organic results.

SEO Implementation

Implementing SEO with a well-crafted plan simplifies ranking, and I've been doing it successfully for the past three years, which is why I'm considered the top SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Optimizing Websites

A flawlessly SEO-optimized website is the key to easy rankings. After building a site, I conduct thorough audits to ensure it secures a place on Google's first page.

Achieving Results

In SEO, results define success, and I am committed to delivering tangible results for your website.

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My service

SEO Service

100% Reliable White Hat SEO Service by the Top SEO Expert in Bangladesh

SEO free Consultancy

Get expert advice and insights for your SEO strategy at no cost.

Report Sheet

I will provide a weekly report sheet for your website's present condition.


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Benefits of clients after utilizing our service

We believe in Success

High Ranking

We are well-versed in search engine algorithms, enabling us to provide superior service that enhances your website’s ranking. With our expertise, we guarantee that all our customers receive the best possible service to optimize their rankings and improve their online visibility. Trust us to help you achieve a high-ranking position and reach your target audience effectively

Organic traffic

Our primary focus is customer generation, and we have developed some secret tricks to accomplish this. Our teams engage in thorough discussions to brainstorm and share innovative strategies for attracting more customers. By leveraging these techniques, we successfully implement our proven tricks to generate a growing customer base for your business. Trust us to employ our expertise in customer acquisition and drive your business towards more tremendous success.

Targeted Audience:

We customize our service plans to align with each client’s business, implementing our best strategies to attract targeted customers and deliver tangible benefits.

Brand awareness:

Our strategic planning helps clients enhance their business branding and achieve greater brand awareness.

Safe from Penalty:

Protect your website from penalties with our trusted and reliable SEO services. We strictly adhere to search engine guidelines, ensuring your website remains compliant. We design our services to safeguard your website, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to focus on growing your online presence without any worries.

Backlinks with High Domain Authority:

We are a manual high-domain authority backlink service using a white hat link-building strategy.

Profitable keywords:

Our keyword research is highly effective as we diligently focus on profitable and long-tail keywords. This approach consistently satisfies our clients and significantly contributes to their financial success.

Unique content:

Our skilled writers produce unique and highly sought-after content, attracting visitors and turning them into regular clients who return to read our captivating articles.

Safe from Penalty:

Protect your website from penalties with our trusted and reliable SEO services. We strictly adhere to search engine guidelines, ensuring your website remains compliant. We design our services to safeguard your website, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to focus on growing your online presence without any worries.

Error-free search console:

Our expert search console team solves all console problems and removes any catches, guaranteeing an error-free search console experience.

Save time and money:

We specialize in cost-effective marketing solutions, freeing your time for core business activities

Lifetime Support:

We ensure lifetime support for our clients, even after delivering our services.


Lisa Altimore-Ehmig: Lisa Altimore-Ehmig:

Incredible SEO results! I am amazed at how quickly my website's rankings improved.

Michele Cassandro: business wak

Top-notch SEO expertise! My online visibility has surged, leading to a significant boost in sales. I can't thank them enough for your outstanding work.

Kristina Stevens: Kristina Stevens:

Delighted with the SEO services provided. My website now appears prominently on search engines, and my business is thriving. Highly recommended

Stefanie Bevans Stefanie Bevans

The SEO work done for my website exceeded all expectations. Thanks a lot.


Most Important Some Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's optimizing a website, improving its visibility and ranking on SERPs, aiming to attract organic traffic and increase online presence.
Hiring an SEO expert provides businesses with specialized knowledge, time efficiency, and customized strategies, resulting in improved online visibility and increased organic traffic. SEO experts stay updated with algorithm changes, ensuring your website remains competitive. With their expertise, businesses can focus on core functions while enjoying higher search rankings, more conversions, and overall business growth.
No, reputable SEO experts cannot guarantee specific rankings in search engine results due to the complexities of algorithms and ever-changing factors. However, they can employ effective strategies to optimize your website, increase organic traffic, and improve your chances of ranking higher. SEO is a long-term strategy; a reliable expert will provide ongoing optimization and transparent reporting to help you achieve the best possible results.

My SEO process involves:
An initial assessment of your website's performance.
Conducting keyword research.
Optimizing on-page elements.
Developing a content strategy.
Addressing technical SEO aspects.
Building quality backlinks.
Monitoring performance.
Implementing ongoing optimization strategies.

The time it takes to rank a website varies depending on industry competitiveness, website conditions, and SEO strategies. However, I am confident in optimizing your website for prime positions in SEO results within three to six months. My competent SEO and SMO strategies effectively address the key factors contributing to the ranking process.
We offer three exclusive SEO packages with pricing starting from $150 per month. The cost may vary based on the difficulties of the chosen keywords. Here are the details of our packages: Basic Plan: This package includes research for 0-10 keywords and focuses on ON-Page SEO services. It also provides compensation for off-page SEO through link building. You will receive weekly reports and 24x7 consultant support with the basic plan. Premium Plan: With the premium plan, you can optimize 10-30 keywords. It offers advanced keyword research and includes off-page SEO link building. Additionally, the premium plan covers comprehensive on-page SEO tasks and provides 24x7 premium support. You will also receive weekly reports as part of the package. Advanced Plan: The advanced package offers advanced keyword research and optimization for 30-60 keywords. Like the other packages, it includes off-page SEO link building, comprehensive on-page SEO tasks, 24x7 premium support, and weekly reports.
Finding the best SEO expert in Bangladesh could help you achieve your targets by optimizing your website's content, layout, and user interface to drive sales. Md Fahim Tajwar is a renowned SEO expert in Bangladesh who can provide SEO services for your online business. By consulting with him, you could benefit from his expertise in digital advertising and access the finest SEO strategies available.

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